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Palladio Crafted is Memphis-made

We are passionate about bringing you heirloom-quality furniture that will get your friends talking. In an age of automation, diminished quality, and inferior materials we are refreshingly human and obsessive about the quality of our materials and craftsmanship.

Let our team of Memphis craftsmen help you bring warmth, beauty, and charm to your home.

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The Material

Reclaimed from locally demolished homes, barns, and warehouses our repurposed lumber is, in many cases, pre-1900. Most of the virgin-growth forests were exhausted by 1920 and the primary lumber of choice - Long Leaf Pine - was nearly harvested to extinction.

The Process

Our designs are informed by antiques, modern trends, and customer requests. If you have a custom need or design let us know and we can work with you to bring your dream to reality.

The Build

We employ modern tools alongside centuries-old techniques to bring you a beautiful piece that will last for generations and have your friends asking where you found it. Our fully-outfitted shop in Midtown Memphis is ready to build your table, cabinetry, or entry door.

The Finish

Each finish is carefully selected with the material and final use in mind. Color is expertly applied to convey a warmth and depth typically found only in antiques. 
We work in painted and stained finishes to create everything from an "antiqued" surface to a clean, painted finish suitable for kitchen cabinetry.